Introduction to Physical Development in Late Adulthood

What you’ll learn to do: describe physical changes in late adulthood

An elderly couple walking down a street with a dog; The man with a cane and the woman is hunched over

In this section, you’ll learn more about physical changes in late adulthood. While late adulthood is generally a time of physical decline, there are no set rules as to when and how it happens. We are continually learning more about how to promote greater health during the aging process.

Watch It

Watch this clip from Marco Pahor, a professor in the University of Florida department of aging and geriatric research, as he discusses his research about ways physical activity affects the mobility of older adults and how it may result in longer life, lower medical costs, and increased long-term independence.

You can view the transcript for “Study proves physical activity helps maintain mobility in older adults” here (opens in new window).


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