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Note that the Data Project Assignment is split into two parts and spans both module 6 and module 7. The Module 16 assignment presents two options, one that emphasizes topics from macroeconomics, and the other that emphasizes concepts from microeconomics.

Module Assignment Discussion
1 Economic Thinking
2 Choice in a World of Scarcity
3 Supply and Demand
4 Applications of Supply and Demand
5 Elasticity
6 Macroeconomic Measures: GDP and Economic Growth

7 Macroeconomic Measures: Unemployment and Inflation

8 The Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Model

9 Keynesian and Neoclassical Economics

10 The Income-Expenditure Model
11 Fiscal Policy

12 Money and Banking


13 Monetary Policy

14 Policy Applications
15 Globalization and Trade

16 Exchange Rates and International Finance




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