Module 5 Assignment: Managing External Factors

Open Pedagogy Assignments are assignments in which students use their agency and creativity to create knowledge artifacts that can support their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and the learning of students around the world. (See this peer-reviewed article for more details.) Each of these assignments is aligned to the learning outcomes of Organizational Behavior/Human Relations  and we’ve identified the module where the reading appears. All of the assignments can be created with a cell phone camera or any video recording device, Google or Word documents, and your learning management system.


  • Analyze how organizations can manage external factors

In the module on Organizational Culture, we provide a general overview about six factors that can influence how a company operates. A successful company utilizes both internal and external factors to introduce change and to communicate changes effectively to their team and society.

For this assignment, you are going to work with a small group to research useful links and resources for your fellow students about local and regional businesses. This work will become a living document that future students will use in order to learn about external factors and how they influence organizational behavior.

Think of your audience as friends who just moved to your area. You want to help them understand their community with the best information you can find about your area’s industry.

  • In your own words, summarize on a Google Doc, or a similar online tool, an example of an external factor.
  • Find an example of your topic from a business website where it appears that a business is responding to a recent external factor. Provide the link.
  • Choose one of the external factors discussed in this section and speculate, or imagine, about how it might influence your chosen business.

A Note To Teachers: You may want to break your students into groups and let them work on their own document that you will eventually create into one document. You’ll also need to assign them based on the external factors listed in the course. You may also want to point them to local businesses or industries that you focus on factors such as politics, economics, industry, social, and technological.