Introduction to Finding Multiples and Factors

What you’ll learn to do: Find multiples and factors of numbers

A plate of marshmallows, a plate of chocolate, and a plate of graham crackers laid out on a table outside while a young boy peeks over the table edge

How can you ensure everyone gets the same number of s’mores?

Wendy is packing for a camping trip with her family. Naturally, she’s bringing all the ingredients to make s’mores over the campfire! She has marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, but she wants to count them ahead of time to make sure there are enough ingredients for everyone to have the same number of s’mores. There are going to be six people in her group. How can Wendy make sure she has equal amounts of each ingredient? Packing in multiples is the key. In this section, you’ll learn how to identify multiples of numbers and find the factors of a number.

Before you get started in this module, try a few practice problems and review prior concepts.

readiness quiz


If you missed this problem, review the following video.



If you missed this problem, review the video below: