Module 6 Assignment: Organizational Structures


This module introduced common organizational structures, including the four classic organizational structures and various management and team organizational structures, including the situations where they are particularly well suited. This exercise is an opportunity to check your understanding of this material, matching structures with characteristics and identifying a company or industry example for each structure.

To prepare for your written assignment:

  1. Read the Organizational Structures module with a specific focus on the Common Organizational Structures and Factors Impacting Organization Design sections.
  2. Take notes on the companies and industries cited as examples of specific organizational/management structure. Some example answers will require supplemental Internet research.

Your Task

Download one of the following formats:

Read the structure descriptions in the left column and the answer choices in the answer choices pool. Complete the table by inserting the correct answer choices in the two columns on the right. Each table entry has only one correct answer and answers are not duplicated. Submit your completed table for grading.


Your assignment will be graded on the basis of number of correct matches out of a total of 28.