Module 8 Assignment: Team Plan for Sun City Boards


Sun City Boards has moved rapidly forward in its planning and organizational structure and improvements. The company now employs 17 people in key sales, manufacturing, and financial positions. Sun City is now approaching the accomplishment of one of its key goals: to implement an e-commerce platform for the sale of their boards to a broader market.

Tom Wilson, the CEO, heard from his business advisor that a team implementation would be a good idea. Tom likes to critique the performance of his favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins, but he has no idea how a team should perform in his company.

You are a new member of the Sun City management team, and because of your previous experience with a popular e-commerce platform, Tom has asked you to lead a team of employees in the implementation effort. Assume it’s mid-June, and you are given full access to personnel in the organization. You are asked to achieve the following implementation goals:

  1. Have the e-commerce platform up and running by year-end, with new sales to be generated at the first of the year.
  2. Implement the new platform within the cost parameters provided by the CEO.
  3. Ensure all existing and new inventory of surfboards are accounted for in the new system.
  4. Come back to Tom Wilson with your team plan by the end of the week.


In this assignment, you will prepare your team plan for presentation to Tom Wilson. Your plan will include your team composition and team type. You will also describe what you anticipate happening in the life cycle of the team and how you will effectively achieve your team goals. The following steps will help you prepare for your written assignment:

  1. Carefully consider the types of teams, qualities of effective teams, and their stages of performance as described in the reading. Consider effective (or ineffective) teams you have been part of in your school or work life.
  2. Review the information above on Sun City Boards and the goals for the team you are to lead. Anticipate what might be some performance challenges for you as the leader.

Your Task

Prepare your team plan for Tom Wilson. Write a three-paragraph (minimum) plan describing how your team will function and how you will approach your team goals. Your description can include illustrations and charts to clearly explain your expectations for the team’s progress. Although you don’t have specific employee names, you may make assumptions as to the skills or responsibilities of team members you would like to include on the project. Convince Tom Wilson that your team will perform well and achieve the goals.