Capstone: Delivering Your Speech

Having chosen, researched, organized, refined, and rehearsed your speech, you’re ready to deliver it.

The way you deliver your speech will depend on the kind of class you’re in. Your instructor will let you know whether you should upload a recorded speech, deliver it live online, or deliver it live in person. If you need to upload your speech to YouTube, you can find instructions about how to upload to YouTube here. You can also find instructions for uploading video in your LMS here:


Grading Rubric: Organizing & Outlining Your Ideas
Criteria Ratings Point Total: 100%
Choice of Topic
  • Is the topic narrow enough for the situation?
  • Is the topic appropriate for the occasion?
  • Has the audience been considered in the choice of the topic?
___ / 10%
Central Idea
  • Has the central idea been communicated clearly in the speech?
___ / 10%
Supporting Material/ Data/ Research (Including Presentation Aids)
  • Are the supporting materials credible and convincing?
  • Are the supporting materials presented in a way that is clear to the audience?
___ / 20%
  • Is the speech organized in a clear and compelling way?
  • Is the organizational pattern appropriate to the topic?
  • Does the speech have a clear beginning, middle, and end?
___ / 15%
Style and Language
  • Does the speech use language appropriate to the audience?
  • Does the speech use clear and memorable language?
___ / 15%
Verbal Aspects of Delivery: Pitch, and Rate, Emphasis, Volume, and Pauses
  • Does the speaker vary their pitch, rate, and emphasis to create vocal variety?
  • Does the speaker use an appropriate volume for the speaking situation?
  • Does the speaker use pauses to create emphasis and anticipation?
___ / 10%
Verbal Aspects of Delivery: Articulation, Grammar, and Pronunciation
  • Does the speaker use appropriate grammar and pronunciation for the speaking situation?
  • Does the speaker articulate words and phrases in a way that is clear and understandable to the audience?
___ / 10%
Nonverbal Aspects of Delivery: Gestures and Movement
  • Do the speaker’s movements and gestures enhance the meaning of the words?
___ / 10%

This rubric is based on the 8 competencies defined by the National Communication Association[1]

  1. Morreale, Sherwyn, et al., editors. The Competent Speaker: Speech Evaluation Form. National Communication Association, 2007.