Module 1 Assignment: Assessing and Deflecting Communication Apprehension

Step 1: Make a list of all the feelings that arise within you when you consider having to give a public speech. Are you excited? Nervous? Afraid? Make a second list of the physical manifestations of these feelings that show up in your speech delivery. For example, shifting from side to side, shaky hands, lacking eye contact.

Step 2: Take the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension found here: Note your score and where you ranked highest.

Step 3: Look back at the list from Step 1 and identify which feelings are connected to the physical behaviors. For example, when I am nervous, I shift my body weight from side to side. When I am unprepared, I don’t make eye contact with my audience.

Step 4: Identify new behaviors that will replace the old ones. For example, when I am nervous I will take a deep breath and plant my feet.

Step 5: Write a public speaking mantra, catchphrase, or reminder. Something you will say to yourself every time before you get up to speak. For example, maybe you will say “I’ve got this!” or “My words matter and they will have an impact.”

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Journaling for Step 1 (2 parts) 30%
Personal Assessment Report 20%
Journaling for Step 2 20%
List for Step 3: New Behaviors 20%
Mantra/ Catchphrase/ Reminder 10%