Module 1 Discussion: Speaking for Advocacy

Step 1: Write a 150–200 word post describing three speech topics which would bring about social change to a problematic issue. For the purpose of this course, avoid blaming one particular person or political party as the source of a problem. Rather, focus on identifying a problem and speaking about HOW change is possible.

Step 2: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words for each post). Using what you’ve learned about selecting a speech topic, and your own personal interest in social change, provide feedback about your classmates’ topics. Here are some factors to consider in your feedback:

  • Which of the three topics do you find the most interesting? Why?
  • Of the topic you find most interesting, what positive changes could you see coming from it?
  • Are there elements of the topic not included that you recommend considering?
  • Do you have suggestions for research materials on the topic?

Example Post

  1. The detaining and treatment of immigrants in the United States has become a severe problem. In this speech, I will provide statistics and cite evidence proving the lack of humane treatment for those emigrating from other countries to the U.S. I will ask my audience to sign a petition advocating for change at the end of the speech.
  2. Getting young people to vote is proving to be difficult. In this speech, I will prove that there is a lack of voters in their 20s and examine what can be done to get young voters to the polls. I will advocate for a use of multiple resources and voices to help engage and encourage voting.
  3. It is time for police reformation and training in regards to how people of color are treated by police. In this speech, I will advocate for new policies regarding fairness and accountability for policemen. I will request new training and disciplinary action for cops in working with people of color from state law enforcement. I will cite examples of the problem and ask for others to join in making their voices heard about this issue.