Module 13 Discussion: Pitching an Idea

In this discussion, we’ll be pitching ideas.

Step 1: Think of a product or an idea you could “pitch.” It might be a “life hack” that you think everyone should follow, or a product (real or imaginary) you would want to sell, or an innovation you’d want to see at work, at school, or in an organization you’re part of.

Step 2: Develop and rehearse a 30-second elevator pitch. As we’ve seen in this module, your pitch should:

  • Identify the problem you’re solving.
  • Explain your solution and why it works.
  • Make it personal and passionate by sharing facts, actual benefits, and concrete examples of how your solution impacts real people.
  • Invite your audience to take a specific action.

Step 3: Record and upload your pitch.

Step 4: Respond (in writing) to two of your classmate’s pitches. Would you buy the product/ implement the idea? Why or why not?