Module 14 Assignment: Working in Groups

This assignment is a short reflective essay (around 250 words) about your role in small groups.

Step 1: Of the six roles outlined in the Team Role Experience and Orientation (TREO) system (Mathieu et al. 2008), which do you think best describes the role you usually take on in a team? What makes you think this is your usual role?

  • Organizer: structures the team and task to ensure goals are being met
  • Doer:  completes taskwork
  • Challenger: challenges the team to question assumptions and approaches to the task
  • Innovator:  generates ideas and solutions
  • Team Builder: maintains a positive atmosphere within the team, establishes norms, and supports team decisions.
  • Connector: connects the team with outside entities.[1]

Step 2: Describe one recent teamwork experience in which you assumed this role. What are the advantages for the team when you assume this role? What’s it like to assume this role? Are there any disadvantages to this role?

  1. Mathieu, John, et al. “Team effectiveness 1997-2007: A review of recent advancements and a glimpse into the future.” Journal of management 34.3 (2008): 410-476.

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Selection and description of role 20%
Description of recent teamwork experience 20%
Advantages to team of assuming this role 20%
Experience of role 20%
Disadvantages to role? 20%