Module 4 Assignment: Audience Analysis and Application

Step 1: Ronnie has been asked to come back to his high school and deliver a speech on the importance of not texting while driving to students in a driver’s education class. What questions should he ask about the audience he will be speaking to? Make a list of all the information, based on this module, that he needs to find out. For example, the audience’s age.

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Step 2: Based on what you know about high school, make an educated guess and answer the questions from Step 1 with what you believe the answers will be. For example, most students will be between 16 and 17 years of age.

Step 3: Now that you know who might be in Ronnie’s audience, identify some specific supporting materials that would work for that audience. Let’s say you want to use a quote from a celebrity who endorses not texting while driving. Who would you quote? Identify five names that would be most impactful for this audience and explain why.

Step 4: What attention getter would you recommend Ronnie use in his speech introduction based on his topic and his audience? Why would it be effective?

Example; Ronnie should show a photo of a car crash and explain that it happened because the driver was responding to a text message. The image would be effective because it would shock the audience a bit and use a fear tactic.

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Audience General Characteristics Identification 20%
Audience Details Identification 20%
Supporting Materials Identification and Explanation 30%
Introduction Creation and Explanation 30%