Module 4 Discussion: Understanding Your Audience

Step 1: Create three possible speech topics for your college speech class. Explain why you think your class would be interested in each topic based on your analysis of them as an audience.

Step 2: Respond to two separate posts of your classmates’ speech topics that either interest you or don’t interest you and explain why you are or are not interested. Suggest any resources you think would be helpful and relevant to the topic.

Example Post

For my informative speech, I have identified three possible speech topics I believe my college class would be interested in.

  • Techniques for better quality sleep. I believe my audience will be interested in this topic because they often struggle to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and have experienced the effects that not sleeping can have on their body and mind, especially when studying for exams.
  • How to make a meal without a stove or microwave. I believe my audience will enjoy having these ideas since most of them do not have an oven or microwave in their dorm rooms. They are always looking for ways to eat outside of the cafeteria and this speech will provide them with some choices.
  • Creating an affordable travel budget. Most of my classmates are looking for fun things to do during spring break and this speech will provide some ideas as to how they can travel for less money if they plan well.

Example Response

I would be very interested in speech #1 about sleep as I struggle to get enough sleep and having a roommate around can prove challenging!  I would recommend checking out the college health center, which has some resources about this topic hanging up in their office.