Vocabulario: Números 0-31


  • Form numbers up to 31

Los números 0-31

House number "14" carved in stone Number seven Numbers three and four Close-up of Cuban 3 peso note Close-up of Lionel Messi's number 10 Photo of balconies with numbers
Play Audio 0 cero
Play Audio 1 uno
Play Audio 2 dos
Play Audio 3 tres
Play Audio 4 cuatro
Play Audio 5 cinco
Play Audio 6 seis
Play Audio 7 siete
Play Audio 8 ocho
Play Audio 9 nueve
Play Audio 10 diez
Play Audio 11 once
Play Audio 12 doce
Play Audio 13 trece
Play Audio 14 catorce
Play Audio 15 quince
Play Audio 16 dieciséis
Play Audio 17 diecisiete
Play Audio 18 dieciocho
Play Audio 19 diecinueve
Play Audio 20 veinte
Play Audio 21 veintiuno
Play Audio 22 veintidós
Play Audio 23 veintitrés
Play Audio 24 veinticuatro
Play Audio 25 veinticinco
Play Audio 26 veintiséis
Play Audio 27 veintisiete
Play Audio 28 veintiocho
Play Audio 29 veintinueve
Play Audio 30 treinta
Play Audio31 treinta y uno

Note: The numbers 16-19 and 21-29 are most commonly spelled as shown above, however, they can also be written as three words. For example “diecisiete” can also be written “diez y siete” according to the Real Academia Española.

Donkeys / Burros

Los burros de Don Tomás

Don Tomás compra (buys) cuatro burros. Monta en (he rides on) uno y regresa (returns) a su casa.

Por el camino (along the road) los cuenta (he counts them): uno, dos y tres. No cuenta el que monta (el que monta = the one he’s riding).

Ya en su casa, dice a su mujer (he says to his wife):

— ¡Mira!, he comprado (I’ve bought) cuatro burros y cuento (I count) sólo tres; me han robado (someone has stolen) uno.
— ¡Qué raro! (How strange) Dice la mujer. ─Tú no ves más que (you only see) tres, pero yo veo (I seecinco.


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