Why It Matters: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas?

Welcome to the first module of Spanish 1! Spanish 1 is divided into modules and sections grouped loosely around a vocabulary topic or grammar concept. In Module 1, we’ll be learning the basics of saying hello, goodbye, introductions, and the beginning of the structure of the language.  Included in this section are also the numbers up to 30 and asking and answering some general questions in Spanish.

Music is a common form of expression across cultures!  At the beginning of each module, there will be some music to set the tone and preview the content of the chapter.  The titles of the videos below all include forms of the first verb we will learn: Ser. By the end of the first lesson, you will be able to understand some of the lyrics to these songs. Understanding all of the lyrics is not important for now, but if you want to see the full lyrics, just search the band, song, and the word letra (lyrics).

As you watch and listen to the music videos below, consider the following questions:

  • How does this music make you feel?
  • What do you notice about the people in these videos?
  • What is the intended audience for this music?

Next, take a look at the titles of the songs. Are there any words that you already recognize?

Edmundo Rivero – Uno
Leonel Edmundo Rivero (June 8, 1911 – January 18, 1986) was an Argentine tango singer, composer, and impresario.

You can view the transcript for “Uno” here (opens in new window).

Sebastián Yatra – Dos Oruguitas
This song was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda for Disney’s Encanto movie and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards.

You can view the transcript for “Dos Oruguitas” here (opens in new window).

Motel – Uno Dos Tres
Motel is a Mexican rock band created in 2002

You can view the transcript for “Uno Dos Tres” here (opens in new window).

The following video contains some sexually suggestive content, and is not required for the course:  

Yahir – Entre Nosotros Dos
Yahir Othón Parra, commonly known as Yahir, is a Mexican singer and actor from Hermosillo, Sonora.

Of course, to count things, we also have to know how to form the plural, or when there is more than one. In Spanish, we need to learn about the gender of nouns, which are persons, places, and things. All of this (and more) is coming up next!


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