Why It Matters: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas?

Welcome to the first module of Spanish 1! The Spanish 1 text is divided into modules and sections, each grouped loosely around a vocabulary topic or grammar concept. In Module 1, we’ll be learning the basics of saying hello, saying goodbye, and sharing some information in between.

At the beginning of each module, we’ll offer some music to set the tone and preview the content of the chapter. See if you can figure out what the song titles have in common! Then, if you’re interested, listen to any of the songs that catch your eye. Note: the lyrics aren’t important for now, but if you want to see the lyrics, just search the band, song, and the word letra (lyrics).

No Te Va Gustar – Chau
No Te Va Gustar, also known by their initials NTVG (English: You Won’t Like It), are a rock band from Uruguay. (Wikipedia page for NTVG)

Daymé Arocena – La Rumba Me Llamo Yo

Daymé Arocena is an award-winning Afro-Cuban jazz singer from Havana, who has been described as Cuba’s “finest young female singer.” (Daymé Arocena’s official website)

Take a look at the song titles below. Any guess what else we’re covering in this module?

Edmundo Rivero – Uno
Leonel Edmundo Rivero (June 8, 1911 – January 18, 1986) was an Argentine tango singer, composer, and impresario.

Yahir – Entre Nosotros Dos
Yahir Othón Parra, commonly known as Yahir, is a Mexican singer and actor from Hermosillo, Sonora.

Motel – Uno Dos Tres
Motel is a Mexican rock band created in 2002

SPCMN – Cuatro
Spaceman is an indie-rock band from Honduras. Click here for an interview with Spaceman.

Anakena – Cinco
Anakena is a Caribbean alt-folk/pop band from Venezuela.
Click here to read an article about the Anakena.

KIKASBAN – Seis (esta música viene del alma)
Kikasban is a Peruvian hard rock band formed in 2011.

Nicola Cruz – Siete
Nicola Cruz is an Ecuadorian musician and producer. Link to Cruz’s official website.

Of course, to count things, we also have to know how to form the plural in Spanish. And to do that, we need to learn about the gender of nouns. All of this (and more) is coming up next!


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