Module 4 Assignment: Document-Based Questions

In this assignment, you will practice reading documents and writing thesis statements in this miniature DBQ about Benjamin Franklin.

STEP 1: First, make a copy of this Google Document (go to “File > Make a Copy”). If you prefer, you can also download the assignment as a Word Document (File > Download > Microsoft Word). Rename the document with your name in the title so that it reads “NAME Benjamin Franklin Mini DBQ Assignment”, replacing NAME with your name.

STEP 2: Follow the instructions in the document to answer all of the questions (#1-12). As you read the documents, consider the prompt, “To what extent and in what ways did Benjamin Franklin reflect the conviction that “merit” or “talent” ought to bring rewards?” Use the evidence from the three documents to support the thesis statement and outline that you create for question 12.

Criteria Poor Good Excellent
Responds to prompt Response is superficial, lacking in analysis or critique. Contributes few novel ideas, connections, or applications. Provides an accurate response to the prompt, but the information delivered is limited or lacking in analysis. Provides a thoughtful and clear response to each of the questions asked within the worksheet. __/12
Thesis Statement Thesis statement does not take a stance or does not make a clear assertion related to the prompt. Creates a thesis statement but the quality could be stronger. Follows the guidelines to create a coherent, argumentative thesis statement. __/4
Essay Outline Outline is too minimalistic or does not clearly demonstrate supporting evidence for the thesis statement. Outline supports the thesis statement and connects with the documents. Develops an appropriate outline that relies on the documents and supports the thesis statement. The outline can be bulleted, but it should still provide enough detail to demonstrate an understanding of the documents and how they connect to the prompt. __/4
Total __/20