Module 8 Discussion: Women’s Perspectives on Industrial Growth


Step 1: First, write a response to the following prompt with at least eight substantial sentences, integrating concepts you learned from the reading and other materials (including Primary Source: Lowell Mill Girls, 1883 and Primary Source: Alexis de Toqueville, “How Americans Understand the Equality of the Sexes,” 1840). Show that you can think critically on the topic by integrating your own thoughts, analysis, or experiences.

  • Prompt: How did industrial growth, “deskilling,” and the advent of wage labor affect American women? Did industrialization advance the idea of women’s rights, or did it set women back? Focus on how life changed for working-class women. Use specific examples to support your claims.

Step 2: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words each). Explicitly address their examples and try to extend, complicate, or redirect their points in a substantive, knowledge-demonstrating way. Be sure to cite relevant concepts and key terms from the reading.

Discussion Grading Rubric:

Criteria Poor Good Excellent Points
Discussion Post Post is off topic, shows a lack of understanding and/or research, little to no thoughtful analysis or relevant points, is factually inaccurate, or is disrespectful, does not meet length requirement. Post is on topic, but is vague or unclear, arguments or points are not supported or are factually inaccurate, post is respectful but may or may not meet length requirement. Post is on topic, thoughtful, well-researched, uses accurate evidence while directly supports arguments, shows critical thinking skills, uses respectful language and meets length requirements. __/4
Supporting Evidence/ Sources Evidence or sources are not used, or are improperly cited and irrelevant to topic. Evidence or sources are used, but are vague or not completely relevant, improperly cited, or factually do not support arguments. Evidence or sources are well-research, relevant, used correctly, cited correctly, and directly support arguments. __/4
Comments and participation Does not engage in the discussion or comment on another post, or does so in a non-constructive way. Comments on another post. Kindly and thoroughly extends the discussion and comments on another introductory post. Response is substantive and respectful. __/2
Total __/10