Assignment: Policy at Salty Pawz

Much of the success of Salty Pawz is the result of Wanda using the Internet and e-commerce to build her business. She considers herself relatively “tech savvy” and has contacted a local company about installing a LAN in her new location. She will rely heavily on cloud computing, and intends to have everything from customer orders to inventory managed through the LAN. She feels certain that taking this approach will keep Salty Pawz competitive and on the cutting edge of whatever new developments in technology come along in the near future.

The one part of her technology plan that she is less comfortable with is the access that her employees will have to almost all of the information about the business. One disgruntled employee, and she could lose years of customer data, sales records, and product information. At a recent seminar she attended about e-commerce, the presenter talked at length about the importance of having a solid “Acceptable Use Policy” for the computers and network. Guess who she has come to in order to have this policy drafted? You guessed it!

Your Task

Prepare an “Acceptable Use Policy” for Salty Pawz that outlines for employees what their rights and responsibilities are as they relate to the use, access, and security of the Salty Pawz local area network. Be very specific in your drafting of this policy, since the future of Wanda’s business could be at stake.

Sample Grading Rubric

Criteria Not Evident








Policy identifies specific rights of employees as related to the use of company computing. 30
Policy identifies specific responsibilities of employees as related to the use of company computing. 30
Policy identifies the areas of use, access and security as related to the use of company computing. 30
Articulation of response (citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that negatively impact readability and articulation of main ideas). 10