Discussion: Wanda on the Web

In order to prepare for this assignment, READ the information contained in the document “Salty Pawz: A Case Study in Business.”

General Discussion Instructions

You are required to post to this discussion THREE TIMES, on THREE DIFFERENT DAYS. Please refer to the Discussion Grading Rubric for detail regarding how your performance will be assessed. NOTE: Please be certain to read the entire discussion assignment since in some instances there is more than one question you need to discuss, respond to, or address. Be sure that you have answered the entire question!

Post 1: Initial Post


This posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. Word totals for this post should be in the 100–200 words range. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate.


Wanda subscribes to services through Google and Facebook that allow her to track and capture data about the people who visit her website and her Facebook page. She is hoping to get information about who visits, how long they stay, what they click on, and other key information she can use to improve her marketing and even expand her product lines.

She is a little nervous since there have been so many instances of data breaches in the news and wonders if she should even risk collecting and storing customer data. On the other hand, she really needs to get as much information as she can about her customers. She figures that if people are using the Internet and the possibility of their information being compromised is just the price of living in a digital age. Or is it?

For Discussion

  1. What are Wanda’s ethical and social responsibilities about the data she collects and uses?
  2. How can Wanda protect herself and her business from cyber-crimes that would have a negative impact on her business?
  3. How concerned are you about the security of your personal information on the Internet? Does it impact what you do online in terms of shopping, sharing information, or other activities?

Posts 2 & 3: Respond to Classmates’ Posts


After you have created your initial post, look over the discussion posts of your classmates and give at least two thoughtful responses to two different classmates (one per classmate) as outlined in the Discussion Grading Rubric.

A response posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph. Word totals for these posts should be in the 75–100 words range. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate. The goal of your response posts is to extend discussions already taking place or pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Your goal should be to motivate the group discussion and present a creative approach to the topic.