Assessment: Wellness Quiz and Stages of Change Strategies


This assignment aims to evaluate your wellness in a number of areas and help you design strategies to improve your overall wellness. Take the wellness quiz and reflect on your results. Then use your results from the wellness assessment and the information about the stages of change theory from the readings to formulate behavior change strategies.


  • Take Simon Fraser University’s wellness quiz and reflect on your results
  • Open the Wellness Quiz and Stages of Change Strategies document attached and type in the following information:
    • Brief reflection about your wellness quiz answers;
    • List three of your current behaviors you would like to modify;
    • State the stage of change that currently applies to each behavior;
    • List a specific strategy you will use to modify each behavior (keep in mind the strategy must be appropriate to the stage of change you listed on item “b”).
    • You may use Simon Fraser University’s health and wellness guide for students to help you create specific behavior modification strategies
  • Save the document and upload to the course.


This assignment is worth 10 points maximum.