Conclusion to Writing Process

Graphic labeled "The Writing Process." A line of brightly colored circles are connected by gray arrows wrapping around them. From left to right, they read: Topic, Prewrite, Evidence, Organize, Draft, Revise, Proofread.As this module emphasizes, a LOT happens behind the scenes when it comes to writing.  We are used to seeing, and reading, finished works: books, course materials, online content.  We aren’t often exposed to all of the preparation and elbow grease that goes into the creation of those finished works.

It helps to recognize that incredibly successful people put just as much time into those behind-the-scenes efforts as the rest of us: maybe even MORE time.  Consider this video, where Jerry Seinfeld creates a single joke:

Download a transcript for this video here (.docx file).

Did you notice that he’s been working on this joke for 2 years?  Of course, some works of creative genius take longer than others. Unfortunately, deadlines are generally a lot tighter than that for most college writing.

The writing process is a tool that will help you through many large projects in your college career.  You’ll customize it to fit the way you work, and find that the process will change, depending on the project, the timeline, and the needs you have at the time.