Process Analysis

An essay using a process pattern is often straightforward, as it usually presents a series of steps in chronological order.

However, a college essay that uses a process pattern needs to offer more than a list of steps. College writing about a process needs to make a point about that process (e.g., Baking bread, while relatively simple, still involves a number of complexities, variables, and just plain things that can go wrong.).

Process Analysis diagram: Step 1 Topic Sentence (follow by details, details); next, Step 2 Topic Sentence (details, details); last, Step 3 Topic Sentence (details, details)

Ideally, a college essay that uses process analysis should emphasize “analysis” as well as “process” by explaining the importance of the steps, their relationship to one another, and/or their use in solving a problem. Process analysis in college essays should involve some depth of thought.

View the following short video that explains some important aspects of writing an essay of process analysis.

You may want to consult the following graphic organizer when writing a process analysis essay. Remember that process analysis should include all major, and appropriate minor, steps or stages in process that requires some depth of thought.

Process Steps diagram: Thesis, then Process Step 1 Topic Sentence, followed by details, examples, explanations to complete this unite of support; then Process Step 2 topic sentence with details, examples, etc.; repeat pattern for all process steps

Process Analysis in Action:

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