4 Macronutrient Uptake, Absorption & Transport

The term absorption can have a number of different meanings. Not everything that is taken up into the enterocyte from the lumen will be absorbed, so the term uptake refers to compounds being transported into the enterocyte. Absorption means that a compound is transported from the enterocyte into circulation. Under most circumstances, compounds that are taken up will then be absorbed. After this chapter, hopefully this distinction between these terms will be clear. After later micronutrient chapters, hopefully you will understand the reason for emphasizing this distinction.


4.1 Crypts of Lieberkuhn & Enterocyte Maturation

4.2 Absorptive Lineup & Cell Membranes

4.3 Types of Cell Uptake/Transport

4.4 Carbohydrate Uptake, Absorption, Transport & Liver Uptake

4.5 Glycemic Response, Insulin & Glucagon

4.6 Protein Uptake, Absorption, Transport & Liver Uptake

4.7 Lipid Uptake, Absorption & Transport