Introduction to Identifying and Using Slope

What you’ll learn to do: Identify and use slope when solving applications

As we’ve been graphing linear equations, we’ve seen that some lines slant up as they go from left to right and some lines slant down. Some lines are very steep and some lines are flatter. What determines whether a line slants up or down, and if its slant is steep or flat?

The steepness of the slant of a line is called the slope of the line. The concept of slope has many applications in the real world. The pitch of a roof and the grade of a highway or wheelchair ramp are just some examples in which you literally see slopes. And when you ride a bicycle, you feel the slope as you pump uphill or coast downhill.

Before you get started in this module, try a few practice problems and review prior concepts.

Readiness Quiz


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Which of the following fractions are equivalent to [latex]\Large\frac{7}{-8}?[/latex]