Module 8 Assignment: Practice Speech

Step 1: Select a topic for a two- to three-minute impromptu speech on your biggest pet peeve. Consider something for which you have a great passion. For example, a speech about putting gum under desks in class.

Step 2: Select two to three main points. For example, people shouldn’t put gum under the seats because it is unsanitary and unsightly.

Step 3: Decide on an attention-getter for the introduction of the speech. It could be a demonstration of gum chewing, a quote, a question, etc.

Step 4: Decide what your final conclusion statement will be. For example, “That’s why I beg you to do the right thing and please throw away gum in the trash can where it belongs!”

Step 5: Now that you know the major parts of the speech, deliver it on your feet to a friend, parent, class, teacher, or colleague. Make up the parts in the middle as you go along using your passion as a guide! Ask the audience to note how effective you were in your delivery and anything they noticed about your delivery such as ahs and ums, shifting, etc.

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Topic Selection 10%
Main Points 20%
Attention-Getter 10%
Conclusion 10%
Delivery and Feedback 50%