Module 8 Discussion: Delivery

The most popular TED talk of all time is Sir Ken Robinson’s speech “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

Why is this speech so popular? Is it the ideas contained in the speech? Or is it something about his delivery?

Step 1:  Watch the talk:

Step 2: EITHER:

A) Write a post identifying the effectiveness of the speaker’s physical and vocal delivery. Consider such factors as intro and conclusion, articulation and rate, gestures, posture and movement, etc. Do you have any critiques of his presentation style?


B) Write a post expressing how the message of the speech affected you. What will you take away? Do you agree or disagree with Robinson’s thesis? How does Robinson’s presentation style support (or undermine) his claim?

EITHER WAY, you should conclude your post by speculating whether the factors you’ve identified—presentation style or message—help explain why this TED talk is so remarkably popular.

Step 3: Comment on two other people’s posts. Do you agree or disagree with their perspective on the speech?