Module 9 Assignment: Informative Speech Purpose and Structure

Step 1: Identify a possible informative speech topic.

For example, “The Benefits of Sleep.”

Step 2: Write the specific purpose statement for the selected topic.

For example, “to inform my classmates about the health benefits of sleep.”

Step 3: List two possible main points for your topic.

For example, “One of the benefits of sleep is better memory function. A second benefit of sleep is it improves the immune system.”

Step 4: Identify which organizational pattern (biographical, topical, causal, chronological, or spatial) you will use for the selected topic and why.

For example, “I will use a causal speech pattern to identify the effects of getting a good night’s sleep. This will be effective because it will draw a clear parallel to what getting good sleep does.”

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Topic Identification 10%
Purpose Statement 20%
Main Points 40%
Organization 30%