Module 11 Discussion: ¿Adónde van?

Purpose: You will practice your listening skills by watching a Spanish instructor give her answers to several prompts about where people go in certain situations and by voice captioning the responses of your peers. You will practice your speaking skills by recording a video of your own in which you answer some of the same prompts with different ideas for where people go in certain situations.

Task: This activity has four parts:

  1. Watch the video of the Spanish instructor responding to the prompts
  2. Record a video response to five of the prompts
  3. Interact with two peers by voice captioning two of their sentences
  4. “Fact check” the voice captions of your peers on your original video post

Paso 1. Watch the following video as the instructor models her responses to the prompts that are listed below. You will then choose five of the prompts that you want to respond to. Prepare your answers to the prompts, and make sure that you have come up with a unique idea of where people go in certain situations; only one of your “locations” where people are may be the same as what the Spanish instructor said in the video. Don’t forget to follow the format Cuando + prompt + ir + a + location

Your sentences should follow this format: Cuando + prompt + ir + a + location. Here is an example from Prompt 1:

Prompt: Tú estás enfermo/a.

Response: Cuando estás enfermo/a, vas al café para comprar una infusión de manzanilla.

  1. Tú estás enfermo/a.
  2. Una persona necesita depositar dinero.
  3. Los estudiantes necesitan estudiar la historia.
  4. Nosotros deseamos jugar al aire libre.
  5. Yo no tengo comida en mi casa.
  6. Los políticos tienen que hacer un discurso público.
  7. Hay una película nueva con mi actor favorito.
  8. Es verano y tenemos mucho calor.
  9. Una persona vive en un lado de la ciudad y su trabajo está en el otro lado.
  10. Nosotros viajamos de EEUU a España.

Paso 2. Record your video response to the five prompts you chose to answer in a single video file (if you make mistakes, it is okay and expected; start over from the beginning of the sentence and keep recording) and post it to the discussion board. Note that you are posting your answers to the prompts, not reading the prompt itself.

Paso 3. Watch the video responses of two peers. You will choose two of their five sentences to voice caption. This means you will listen to what they say in Spanish and write down what you hear in Spanish. Listen for the format to help guide you in your captioning: Cuando + prompt + ir + a + location.

Paso 4. You will verify the voice captions your peers posted for you. Read what they wrote and check it against the answer you prepared and recorded. If they got it perfect, let them know in a written comment in English. If they made a couple of errors, clarify what you said to them by writing a comment. Be sure to thank your peers for working with you.

Criteria: The components of this activity add up to 100%.

Pasos 1 & 2. 30% of the grade for this activity will be earned by responding to five prompts in Spanish in a video file and posting this file to the discussion board.

Paso 3. 40% of the grade for this activity will be earned from voice captioning in Spanish two of the responses two of your peers made.

Paso 4. 30% of the grade for this activity will be earned from verifying the voice captions your peers made of your recording. Be sure to tell them if they are correct or if they misunderstood; give specific details in your response about any differences between what they heard and what you said. Thank them for working with you.