Test #1

Note:  This test may need to be updated and/or revised to accurately reflect current statistics, research findings, and health trends.

1. What does the term “risk factor” refer to?

a. health outcomes resulting from a disease

b. symptoms of a disease that occur

c. attributes that increase disease probability

d. probability of disease mortality

2. Approximately which percentage of American adults are overweight or obese?

a. 28%

b. 88%

c. 38%

d. 68%

3. In the United States, what is the leading cause of death?

a. cancer

b. heart disease

c. stroke


4. Which source below would be most likely to offer reliable and accurate information about the topic of cholesterol?

a. a health blog on cholesterol written by a health and fitness enthusiast

b. a cholesterol article on a web site that is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company

c. a cholesterol article on a web site that is sponsored by a medical institution

d. all of the above

5. What is the leading contributing cause of preventable disease and death in the United States?

a. unprotected sex

b. obesity

c. tobacco use

d. poor diet

6. Which stage of the transtheoretical model involves recognizing that a problem exists, and having intentions to make a behavior change within 6 months?

a. precontemplation

b. contemplation

c. preparation

d. action

7. Current physical activity guidelines indicate that adults need at least how many minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week?

a. 75

b. 120

c. 150

d. 200

8. In using music therapy for relaxation, why is listening to instrumental music recommended?

a. it activates the left hemisphere of the brain to promote deeper relaxation

b. it activates the right hemisphere of the brain to promote deeper relaxation

c. it deactivates the right hemisphere of the brain

d. it deactivates the creative function of the brain

9. According to the Yerkes-Dodson law, stress…?

a. decreases performance at all levels

b. increases performance at all levels

c. increases performance to a certain point

d. has no effect on performance

10. Progressive muscular relaxation, a technique used to increase physical neuromuscular awareness, is accomplished by:

a. contracting and relaxing muscles

b. relaxing muscles ONLY

c. stretching muscles

d. massaging muscles

11. Stress increases cardiovascular disease risk through which of the following?

a. prolonged elevation of heart rate and blood pressure

b. reduced heart rate and blood pressure

c. reparation of damaged vessel lining

d. uninhibited blood flow

12. For EACH dimension of wellness, briefly explain your (personal) current level of progress and potential areas in need of improvement:

physical –



emotional –



intellectual –



interpersonal –



cultural –



spiritual –



environmental –



financial –



occupational –



13. Take a look at the following advertisement for the weight reduction pill, “Beta-Slim.” Circle four statements or claims in the ad that should make consumers cautious about the product, AND explain why it might be a red flag (on the next page):

Lose up to 10, 20, 50 even 100 lbs. or more with Beta-Slim™

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Red Flag Explanations:














14. Explain what a “target heart rate zone” means, and discuss its potential cardiovascular health benefits.  Your response should be at least 50 words in length.



15. A condition in which the body has an excessive and unhealthy amount of fat (BMI 30 or >) is known as…?

a. hypertrophy

b. overweight

c. obesity

d. embolus

16. Which of the following is a standard that correlates body weight with the risk of developing chronic health conditions associated with excess body fat?

a. body composition

b. body mass index

c. metabolism

d. metabolic rate

17. In setting health behavior change goals, using the “SMART” criteria increases the effectiveness and chances of potential success.  Identify and explain what each letter of the “SMART” acronym stands for:

S =

M =

A =

R =

T =

18. One pound of body fat is equal to approximately how many calories?

a. 150

b. 350

c. 1,500

d. 3,500

19. Several factors can be attributed to weight gain, overweight and obesity.  For EACH of the four factors listed  below, explain how it potentially contributes to the process of gaining too much weight:


  • Explain the “Set Point Theory”:










20. Locate your Body Mass Index (BMI) on the chart below by finding where your height and weight meet up, then answer the question on the next page:

Body Mass Index

Whether you are currently at a healthy weight, overweight, or obese; what steps can you take to maintain and/or achieve a BMI that will lend itself to a healthy lifestyle?  Be sure to include specific information about diet and exercise.  Your response should be at least 75 words in length.