Faculty Resources Overview

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We’ve seen overwhelming demand for high quality, openly-licensed course materials, including supplemental resources to enrich teaching and learning and to make life easier for instructors. To support this need, we’ve developed and curated faculty resources to use with this course.

Free and Open Supplemental Materials

On the following pages, you will find supplemental resources that are freely available to use with the interactive learning materials for this course. Since these resources are openly licensed, you may use them as-is or adapt them to your needs.

Faculty Resources By Module

Module-specific resources give background information about the content within each module, highlight special features and “Psych in Real Life” pages, and include ideas for in-class activities, discussions, and anticipation guides. These are built off of work by Stacey Souther, associate professor of psychology at the Eastern Campus of Cuyahoga Community College. Click here to view the folder with all of the faculty resources, or click on the links below to access the guide for individual modules.

Psych in Real Life Pages

Some helpful resources that work well for further in-class discussion or engagement include the “Psych in Real Life” pages, which dive into relevant psychological research related to the content. These help students bridge the gap between research and psychological theories, and break down experiments into easy-to-follow steps. They are housed within the course content, contained within the study plan, but listed again here so you can see an overview of the topics covered.

Additional Faculty Resources

Additional supplemental resources, learning tools, and support services are available to faculty who adopt Waymaker, OHM, or Candela courses with paid support from Lumen Learning. For many courses, these include some combination of summative assessments, answer keys, solutions manuals, or other materials shared only with authorized instructors in order to protect academic integrity.

Click here to learn more about additional instructor tools and resources available to faculty who adopt Lumen-supported courseware. Information about pricing and payment options is available on this page. Lumen’s low-cost support fees replace the cost of expensive textbooks and may be paid by students or by the institution directly.

Continuously Improving Learning Materials

Are you interested in collaborating with us to make these course materials better? We use learning data to identify where content improvements are needed, and then we invite faculty and subject matter experts to work with us developing continuous improvements aimed at increasing learning.

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